Creative Hub for refugees

CreAdult is an Erasmus+ project in the field of adult education


Creative Thinking

  • Is important 21st century skill required both in daily life and business life.The CreAdult project focuses on improving the creativity, design and art skills of refugee adults. This focus will increase their skills development and inclusion.

Creative thinking skills are a critical part of life

  • It is crucial to practice these skills by those that consider creativity and innovation to be gifts of nature. It is important to understand it is a skill that can be improved with the right training.


improve creativity

The overall goal of the project is to improve the creativity

  • Arts and design skills of adult refugees and to make them more resilient even in crisis situations like COVID-19 by developing an innovative platform that will bring together the creative hub and the academy.

Target Group

Target group of the CreAdult project is adult refugees who are interested in creativity, arts and design and / or have a career goal towards these sectors. Lack of such skills of adult refugees may lead to experience problems in daily and business life, and face social exclusion

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